Welcome to Aspirations Diploma Plus High School.  We are a transfer school serving over aged and under credited students in the City of New York.  Our school is a three way partnership involving the Department of EducationChild Center of New York, and Diploma Plus.  These three organizations have come together with an understanding that we are here to meet young people where they are and support them as they grow into adults who are empowered to live the lives that they want to lead.  Aside from a dedicated teaching staff of nine, we are unique in that we have six people on staff full-time from the Child Center of New York with backgrounds in social work and are available to support the development of our students and to help them meet the challenges that they must meet to earn a high school diploma.  We are still enrolling students for September 2008 and we are very proud of the young people who have come out to us to enroll.    Thank you for visiting us. 


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